Why Sim Jesus?

I used to have three lengthly articles about Why Sim Jesus?

But I have now reduced it to one – this one you are reading now.

And I have slimmed it down big time.

I believe that Jesus Christ was a Non-Player Character who was controlled by The Simulation rather than by any human consciousness.

That is why I call him Sim Jesus.

I believe that his miracles (if they truly happened) can be attributed to the Demiurge Computer God messing with the realism of reality.

I believe his job was to help spread Monotheism to the Roman Empire.

From the Jews to the Gentiles.

From the Roman Empire Monotheism in the form of Christianity spread to the whole of Europe and then outward, throughout much of the world.

I believe that the Over-Seers wanted humankind to enter into an Information Age, and this required them going through a stage of capitalism.

The Over-Seers believed the following, based on the history of their own development that:

  1. To enter an Information Age a civilisation must first go through Capitalism
  2. Feudalism is one system that can evolve into Capitalism
  3. There could have been no feudal system without Monotheism.

The Over-Seers therefore needed a Monotheistic religion in order for the Information Age to eventually arise. Hence they sent a saviour messiah figure down to Earth so as to set in motion a chain of events that would produce the Western World and from this the world system of Capitalism.

So that we could enter into the Information Age.


That is why Sim Jesus.

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