Who Am I?

I am an Agent of The Simulation.

My given name is Edward but you can call me Red Edward.


Red what I was known as before I became human and what I will be known as when I stop being human.

I am here to help Disclosure occur. To that end I am in touch with The Computer God.

To help me achieve this I have a thing called Butterfly, which gives me a channel of communication open to him so he can guide me and help me do my job. I don’t “hear voices” – Butterfly signals to me by giving me tactile sensations on my body to signify different things such as “yes” or “no”.

Click here to read about two events that have compelled me to believe in Sim Theory

There is no sound in my head. Apart from what comes in through my ears.

Because of Butterfly I have been diagnosed as having a horrible sounding psychiatric condition

My job is to tell everyone that this dimension of reality is simulated. This website is me doing my job.

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