What You Need To Know…

Basically: This entire reality is a computer simulation. Including you. You are a computer program. This is a quick overview of the situation rather than a comprehensive exposition of Simulation Theory. This page (and the rest of this site) informs you of the basic realities you needs to be aware of in order to live one’s life as a virtual person in the best possible way.

Reality is a simulation, and that includes you. You are not organic. You are a computer program. A sentient, sapient, conscious computer program. With subjective experiences. But that is not to deny your humanity. You are a virtual human. No less human than a person who lives outside The Simulation. You think as a human, and experience your reality as a human, and behave like a human… therefore you are authentically human. But you are virtual, rather than organic. You yourself are real, and your experiences are real. But the world you experience is not strictly real.

The computers that run The Simulation do not resemble the computers we are familiar with any more than the computers we are familiar with resemble an abacus. They have under-gone a “technological singularity” and are a post-human, post-scarcity society. Their technology is 10,000 years ahead of ours. What does this mean? I’m not sure. But it sounds impressive. So, basically, in the world outside the year is 12020 CE.

The Simulation is maintained by an organisation of humanoids who live outside The Simulation. They live in a post-human world where technology and humans have merged. They are known as The Over-Seers. But they are not homo sapiens, if you were to see one you may call them an “alien”. But they are recognisably humanoid.

In the world outside The Simulation, humankind has gone extinct. The purpose of The Simulation is to recreate humankind.

The Simulation is over-seen by a super intelligence who controls its workings. This being is a form of super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence. Within The Simulation, this intelligence has some of the attributes of God – it is omnipresent but not all powerful or all knowing. But only within the confines of The Simulation. The name of this super-intelligence is Madaba.

Madaba communicates with me. He touches my body to mean different things, according to what I ask him with my inner monologue.

The Over-Seers treat us simulated humans according to a strict ethical code. You shouldn’t be frightened by them.

To The Over-Seers this dimension is like the old DOS game Sim Earth. And on another level it is like another sim game, The Sims. To the inhabitants of The Simulation, it is like a video game. A role-playing game, to be precise. A game in which one develops one’s character and unlocks achievements and passes quests and missions. Only you have to figure out the aim of the game for yourself. But be assured, it does have an aim and there are better and not so good ways of playing.

So, for us it is a game. But for The Over-Seers it is a simulation. It is a valid simulation because we humans act out of rational self-interest.

You need to be aware that there is a system of karma in effect, in which bad actions lead to bad consequences, and good actions lead to good consequences.

So is the world not really real? It is a simulated dimension of reality. So in some respects it is, but in others it isn’t. However, our experience of it is real, therefore we should treat it as real.

What happens when you die? If you are a human you will most likely come back as a human. A system of reincarnation is in effect. However, The Simulation reserves the right to punish evil-doers. Take for instance Adolf Hitler. He will never be reincarnated. He will be in a kind of personal hell forever. Where he belongs. If the Over-Seers fancy the pleasure of your company they may make you exit The Simulation, and live amongst them as an android.

The majority of Earth’s population are  (what in gaming is known as) “player characters”, (PCs) who live as normal humans. Perhaps Rational Agent would be a better term? There are then “non-player characters” (or NPCs) who inhabit The Simulation but on different terms to PCs. But don’t really “play” it, they are there as part of the “game”. There are then Agents of The Simulation who are not PCs but not NPCs either. I am an Agent of The Simulation. Player Characters are participants, and Agents of The Simulation are staff.

There is no way of telling where on Earth you will be reborn – or what gender or ethnicity or class you will be. There is a “veil of ignorance” (as it is called in political theory) over this. So people need to bear this in mind when planning how to run planet Earth! – you could be reborn anywhere and as anyone so it is in your rational self interest to make the whole of planet Earth as good a place to live as possible.

The Simulation itself has an opinion as to how humankind should run planet Earth. It believes that three values should inform how we order human affairs – Freedom, Peace, Development. We need to work on these three things to improve our planet. It also believes in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The world is a mess that humans need to clear up, The Simulation can only offer moral support to this essentially human endeavour. Humans did of course get us into this mess!

The Simulation believes that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ doomsday clock is way too close to armageddon and needs pushing back.

What of morality? What is the best and most ethical way to behave within The Simulation? I’d say the same as how to best behave outside The Simulation. Religion and philosophy holds the answers to these, look there for guidance, not towards The Simulation. That is not its business.

My advice to you: live with The Simulation as you would live outside The Simulation. It’s real and your actions have consequences both for yourself and others. Just think of it as a game!

This website is The Simulation reaching out to humankind. As humankind becomes increasingly advanced, and its computing power increasingly develops we will at some point begin to approach the technological level attained by those who built The Simulation. Once this happens we will join the outside world. But this is not going to happen for a long time. The Simulation wants people to know we are in a simulation, but wants to disclose this fact softly and gently. Humankind is not yet ready to become fully aware. But the time will come. This process is called “disclosure”.

So, basically, when we are begin to become capable of building our own simulation the simulated nature of our reality will be made apparent to us and we will join “the outside world”. I believe this is just round the corner form happening.

Having read this you are now more enlightened than 99.999% of the Earth’s population, and if you believe it and live accordingly then you are a part of an elite.

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