What People Have To Say

I will post what people have to say about this project on this page.

“This is some interesting crazy. Not quite the weapons-grade madness of Time Cube or TempleOS but fun nonetheless and better written than either”

I’ll take that as a compliment

“That is the most plausible rambling I have ever heard from a completely insane person. They are obviously completely out of touch with reality, but on the same token.. It weirdly seems possible… Maybe even probable if you believe simulations exist at all.”

That said for being insane it’s weirdly coherent..

So, if it sounds possible and is coherent then how come it’s insane?

Also, I think that reality as you know it is something one should be more out of touch with!

“if only it was done in a believable format, and not some crazy persons html site.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. How could the content of this website ever come from a person who is not “crazy”???

 “it’s fantasy and trash

Well, I’m very sorry you feel that way…

“very interesting schizobabble”

OK, so “schizobabble” doesn’t sound like much of a compliment. But at least this person found it interesting. So I suppose that’s good?

“…a Matrix cult…”

LOL, nope!

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