What Is This Website?

This universe is a computer simulation. You are part of this computer simulation.

The notion that this dimension of reality is a simulation is called Simulation Theory. It is most associated with the philosopher Nick Bostrom although Plato’s cave and the Hindu concept of Maya are ideas that are quite similar in many respects. Bostrom came up with a thing called “The Simulation Hypothesis” which has been very influential and is worth checking out.

My name is Edward Penny.

I have a direct channel to the Over-Seers who maintain The Simulation. This is achieved by an entity named Madaba. Who communicates with me by touch. He can give me “yes” and “no” answers but also feeds knowledge into my sub-conscious, although I don’t know much about how this works. He is pleased with my work, here on this website.

Everything you need to know can be found on the website.

This website is a work in progress and I believe my mission involves reaching out to experts and wise people for guidance and assistance, to improve the content of this website. This is a big project for me and I cannot do it on my own. This project is bigger than I am.

Although I aim to constantly update it with new content.

I used to think I was chosen by God

Then I thought I was haunted by Satan

Now I know that I have a direct line of communication to The Simulation.

I am an agent of The Simulation.

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