What is Schizophrenia?

It is a psychiatric condition – a form of mental ill-health

For starters, it is not having more than one personality or self – that is an unrelated condition. Schizophrenia is no such thing!

It is basically a mental condition in which people experience things (such as voices) that no one else does. Basically, it is experiencing things that do not exist.

Most Schizophrenics hear voices, that is the most common symptom – a type of hallucination

Another aspect of Schizophrenia is deluded thinking which is specifically known as “psychosis”

So, to say that someone is schizophrenic is to say that they believe things that others don’t and that they sense things that nobody else senses.

Obviously these things have a negative impact on how one can function as a human being!

The impact of one’s Schizophrenic symptoms can be lessened through the use of anti-psychotic medications.

It is possible to be Schizophrenic and lead an ordinary life

The condition can arise with no apparent cause but most often it comes about due to the use of illicit drugs – normally in the early twenties