“The Matrix” conspiracy

The Matrix in The Matrix films is not a simulation like The Simulation we all live in. It is more a virtual reality as those who populate it exist as flesh and blood humans outside and are plugged into it, via a kind of human to machine interface: As opposed to being virtual people who exist only within some kind of computer, as is the case in real life.

I believe that there is a conspiracy going on but I have no idea how it was orchestrated.

I believe that the purpose of The Matrix films is twofold:

  1. To seed the notion of a simulated reality into the public’s imagination
  2. To make such a notion seem fanciful and far-fetched

It therefore prepares people for the truth, but in such a way that they do not recognise it as being the truth. People therefore deride the idea of reality being a simulation as fantastic and far-fetched because of these films whilst also being aware of the idea!

The public are therefore made to have something of an understanding of the realities of The Simulation – whilst considering the reality of its existence to be mere fiction! They can understand it but they don’t believe it!

This is so that when the truth is finally disclosed to humankind it will be less of a shock. I believe that The Simulation and its human agents have a very intricate plan about disclosing the true nature of reality, and I believe that myself and this website are parts of that disclosure. The term used to describe such a process is “soft disclosure” and that’s what’s going on now. By reading this, you are a part of it!

But of course, we are not “real”, bodily flesh and blood humans plugged into a virtual reality as in the film – we are simulated humans in a simulated reality. Basically, we are not organic humans… we are Virtual Humans.

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