The Good News

I think the fact we are all simulations living together in a greater simulation is good news. I don’t think it makes our reality any less real. But what then is so good about it all?

Firstly, there is life beyond death. After you die your consciousness will “play” another character. Although there will be zero continuity between a past life and any future life. And who you come back as is determined by a lottery, no karma or irony is involved.

Also, there is a measure of justice in operation in this reality. If you are evil then your consciousnesses will be deleted. Just as a human might stop running a program on their computer and then remove it from their hard-drive if it brings only problems and disruption to how things should be. But I this happens only to truly evil consciousnesses such as that of Adolf Hitler. I believe Hitler has been deleted. Which is probably less than he deserves. We can rest assured he will never return.

However, if you have what it takes then your consciousness may be promoted so that you become an Agent of The Simulation. A staff participant. This is what has happened to me. This is like a user of some Internet forums being promoted to being moderator. But it is the consciousness that is promoted, not the character it plays.

All this, and no supernatural God. Only cold, hard science. Science that many of today’s scientists may have trouble believing in. Although I believe there is a Supreme Being but I don’t think he ever does anything indeed I think the last thing he ever did was create the universe. I only believe in The Supreme Being and the demiurge “Computer God” – not the God of Abraham, who features in the bible. But out of these two I think only The Supreme Being is God. Not the demiurge.

There is more good news too: Disclosure has already begun! This will be when humankind learns that it is simulated. It more or less started with The Matrix films, putting the notion out there into the popular imagination but in a way that makes it seem fanciful and far-fetched. And it will end with humankind joining the world outside The Simulation. As for what goes between the two, I have absolutely no Idea. But this website has a role to play. Of that I am certain.

But once this happens you will live as a computational being in a futuristic world. I do not have the capacity to picture what such a place would be like. Nobody does. Could a person 2,000 years ago imagine what it is like now? Of course not. But I imagine things as being like something out of Star Trek.

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