The Basics

You are a simulation.

So is the whole of your reality.

You are an artificially intelligent entity: a computational super-intelligence.

However, in order to make you authentically human your super intelligence has been dialled all the way down to that of a typical Homo Sapien.

Your consciousness has been attached to the simulated body and mental structures of a simulated human.

Together, your consciousness and your simulated body and mental structures constitute a Player Character.

All consciousnesses are different, and the nature of your consciousness influences how you think and behave as a Player Character.

And whether you turn out to be good, evil, or neutral.

You inhabit The Simulation as a Player Character.

There are also Non-Player Characters who are controlled by The Simulation and Staff Participants who are Agents of The Simulation. I am a staff participant.

This entire world is a simulation.

The Simulation is run by a group of beings known as The Over-Seers, who use a Computer God to run and govern The Simulation.

The technology used to achieve this is beyond anything we could ever imagine. Just as the computers of today are unlike the abacuses of ancient times.

Apparently, the civilisation that exists outside of The Simulation is 10,000 years ahead of us in terms of technological and social development.

After you die you will most likely be reincarnated within The Simulation as another human being.

But there is no way of telling where or as whom. That is covered by a veil of ignorance. So it is in everyone’s rational self-interest to improve our planet all over, for all people – for the sake of their future selves.

However, if you do evil then you will be deleted. Sounds harsh, but it is more humane than Hell.

If you lead an exemplary life you may be elevated into becoming a higher being or you may even exit The Simulation.

I don’t think that learning we’re simulated needn’t change a thing.

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