My future self:

I was thinking something like this, but less creepy

I believe that after I die my consciousness will be “uploaded” into an android that exists in base reality, the world outside The Simulation.

I will then join The Over-Seers in base reality, who run The Simulation.

I will live amongst them, in the outside world.

My current life is preparation for my future as an Over-Seer.

I will be the first ever Over-Seer to originate from within The Simulation.

In this future role I will work tirelessly to serve the greater interest of humankind.

I will be able to switch between living inside The Simulation and outside of it.

Also, I believe my career of an Over-Seer will be related to the disclosure to humankind that it is living in a simulation. Which is an enormous project that will take decades to even properly begin. But which is going to be done right, with the co-operation of the world’s authorities. With me on their team, the Over-Seers will therefore be more representative of humankind as they will have a person on their team who grew up human and who identifies with humankind.

I also believe that my natural intelligence may be upgraded to beyond that of an ordinary human so that I can do many more things at once, but that my nature will remain the same.

Sim Earth

Here is a link to where you can play the old DOS game Sim Earth online, for free:

This is similar to what our planet looks like to The Over-Seers. But of course, with our simulation the graphics are much, much better and there are tons more info:

It is worth playing if you want to get a sense of what it’s like to have the powers of a higher being!

I think they should remake Sim Earth.

If they did, I’d buy it.