My Books

I have written two books.

I wrote them under the name Edward K Penny. When I chose to do this, I was unaware of Phillip K Dick. I chose the K because my grandmother had K as her initial and also because it is a dynamic looking letter. I have similar interests to Phillip K Dick and was born eleven months after he died. I sometimes entertain the possibility I am him reincarnated, although I know that in comparison to him I am a mediocre writer. I have now stopped calling myself Edward K Penny.

Butterfly And Me: A Schizophrenic Spirituality was my first book. It was basically an autobiography.

I then went through a phase when I stopped believing in Simulation Theory, and believed that Madaba was God! I believed I was the saviour of humankind, a Messiah no less! When I thought this I wrote my second book, How To Run Our Planet. I do not stand by the majority of this book.

Over the years I have fluctuated between believing Madaba was God, the devil, and The Simulation’s super-brain. But I have now settled on Simulation Theory as an explanation of Madaba.

There is no point in you buying any of these books, everything you need to know is on this website.

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