Morality and The Simulation

I am a representative of The Simulation who exists amongst humans.

I speak for The Simulation.

Long story short: There is a karmic system in effect. Good is rewarded, bad is penalised.

It is not The Simulation’s business to define good or bad, right or wrong, virtue or vice.

Morality and ethics are the concern of humans. The karmic system is in effect to help make The Simulation a nicer place to live.

The Simulation has opinions and values, but keeps these to itself. It does not claim infallibility and will not provide us with tablets of stone. It does not claim moral authority but does its best to guide human conduct, to help make The Simulation a nice place to inhabit.

It is possible to disagree with The Simulation. It is possible to argue against it and win.

The karmic system takes into account objective suffering. Human belief systems are more subjective.

I prefer to call the Karmic system a system of “Moral Credit”

One’s moral credit rating influences how one’s reincarnation works out but also, more immediantly, how The Simulation treats you.

Morality and The Simulation is a hugely complex area, and for me this is very much a work in progress. Any help would be appreciated!

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