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Renouncing Simulation Theory

This is an open letter to God, in which I apologise to Him for re-embracing Simulation Theory. For those of you who don’t know, Simulation Theory is the notion that this reality and all humans are a computer simulation. It is a slick heresy and certainly not a serious philosophy, although it can be stretchedContinue reading “Renouncing Simulation Theory”

Do I Actually Believe This?

You might wonder: Do I actually believe in any of this? That we are living in a simulation? Nope… not really… Can’t say I do… And I don’t intend to update this site again any time soon But I’m keeping it all up online, just in case it turns out to be true… Although IContinue reading “Do I Actually Believe This?”

A New Version of Christianity

I have created a new version of Christianity: To do this I have synthesised Christianity and Simulation Theory For those who don’t know, Simulation Theory is the notion that all humans and the entire universe we experience as “real” is truly a simulated dimension of reality, the product of advanced technology I currently call theContinue reading “A New Version of Christianity”

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