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No longer believe it

I no longer believe in Simulation Theory Not even slightly Indeed I would go as far to say that I don’t believe it one bit I offer this website as an exercise in creative writing and nothing more! I think sim theory is daft and the stuff of madness Check out my current website: https://www.edwardsmission.com

The Men Who Created God

There needs to be a means by which The Over-Seers can know what’s going on inside The Simulation and there needs to be a means by which they can intervene – such as by making apparent miracles occur, by meddling with nature for whatever reason, or by setting up some historical event so as toContinue reading “The Men Who Created God”

No Nested Simulations

In this video Nick Bostrom: the father of the Simulation Hypothesis, mentions what he calls “nested simulations” – a “nested simulation” would be a simulated world that’s run inside a simulated world. There could be a simulation within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation etc. – thatContinue reading “No Nested Simulations”

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