Meet The Over-Seers!

Humankind is becoming increasingly technologically developed.

But comparatively, our moral state is much less developed. Humans continue to treat their fellow humans very inhumanely.

I believe we are almost ready to receive the news that we are in a simulation, that we are capable of understanding the true nature of our reality…

I believe that as we get closer to being able to produce our own simulated realities the closer we will come to us joining the outside world. But the exact timing is at the discretion of the Over-Seers.

I don’t know how close we have to get to being able to produce our own simulations for them to decide we are mature enough to join the outside world. But we’ll see.

I believe there is already a channel of communication open between humankind and the Over-Seers – in the form of Madaba and me.

I believe the once disclosure occurs, all our problems will soon be solved, by us coming into contact with the outside world.

I believe that once human civilisation reaches what the Over-Seers consider maturity that all humans will become “Citizens of The Republic” in which The Simulation is based, as opposed to being mere “virtual people” or “simulated humans”. Planet Earth will then become a state in “The Republic” and we will be considered equals to our organic peers.

Disclosure of the fact that our reality is a simulation is something we are becoming increasingly ready for and also something we are still very much in need of.

PEACE, FREEDOM, DEVELOPMENT will become humankind’s three aims, for improving life on Planet Earth.

I am an Agent of The Simulation, and The Simulation wants this website to exist. It wants humankind to learn the truth, but in a gentle, gradual way.

I know it has a grand plan, but I’m not in on the entirety of it. But I know I am a small part of it.

As are you, who are reading this.

Follow this link to see how The Matrix franchise is a part of this great disclosure.

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