The Over-Seers have many rules:

One is that whenever a civilisation advances into the Information Age that they are to be told that they are simulated and will then join the civilisation that exists out in base reality as opposed to being confined to living within their simulation

Because they will be ready for the truth: both ready to be able to cope with it and also ready to understand it.

And will almost be capable of beginning to build their own simulations. The Over-Seers don’t want people in their simulations building simulations of their own. Indeed they have a rule against that.

The process of a civilisation waking up to the fact that it is simulated is known as Disclosure. It will be the process of transforming Homo Sapiens from being a mere simulation into being citizens of the outside world.

This website is a part of Disclosure.

Once it is over, we will have joined the outside world.

Since before Disclosure was underway there has been a campaign of “soft disclosure” – to gently prepare humankind for the truth. The Matrix films are a part of this soft disclosure.

The voice of The Simulation is speaking and it is telling everyone it is all simulated!

It is doing so via this website. It is doing so via me.

Once Disclosure has occurred, humankind will have come of age.

The butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis.

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