Newsflash! Disclosure has now begun!

All the pages and all the posts that have gone before this one are now obsolete! They are of a different era! Disclosure has begun – click here to learn what this is! It began on the 4th of March 2021. Although nothing much has happened since then. But rest assured, you are now inContinue reading “Newsflash! Disclosure has now begun!”

The Human Zoo

What is the purpose of a zoo? I think conservation, education, and research. And yes, entertainment too. The Simulation is very much like a great big zoo. In the world outside The Simulation Homo Sapiens are now extinct. Apparently, they destroyed themselves through the use of weapons of mass destruction: nukes, biological weapons, chemical weapons.Continue reading “The Human Zoo”

The Men Who Created God

(Check out this link for more info about religion and sim theory) There needs to be a means by which The Over-Seers can know what’s going on inside The Simulation and there needs to be a means by which they can intervene – such as by making apparent miracles occur, by meddling with nature forContinue reading “The Men Who Created God”

No Nested Simulations

In this video Nick Bostrom: the father of the Simulation Hypothesis, mentions what he calls “nested simulations” – a “nested simulation” would be a simulated world that’s run inside a simulated world. There could be a simulation within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation etc. – thatContinue reading “No Nested Simulations”

Let’s build Leviathan!

I am of the opinion that humankind should aim to design, build, maintain, and empower a Singleton. Please, hear me out (and let it be known, I am half serious and half joking about this) Wikipedia says: …a singleton is a hypothetical world order in which there is a single decision-making agency at the highestContinue reading “Let’s build Leviathan!”

Wake Up! The Future Is Outside!

Wake up! You are a simulated human living in a simulated universe! You are a part of what I call The Simulation. But you are no less human because of this. You are a Virtual Human. You have the subjective experience of a human, therefore you are a human! I am also a part ofContinue reading “Wake Up! The Future Is Outside!”