Bye Bye Blogging

The owner of this website has decided to withdraw from public life He will keep this website up and operational But there will be no further updates And he will do nothing further to promote it But it will still be here, as a resource


I am abandoning this website! For the time being, anyway… Maybe in a few months or years I will come back to it? But I will still maintain it and keep an eye on its traffic But I’m not going to add to it or change anything If its traffic massively increases I may startContinue reading “Abandoning!”

Why Sim Jesus?

I have slimmed down my three articles about this into one much more succinct article. Click here to go to it

Sim Jesus

I am now an ex-Christian. But am open to there having been a type of Jesus… …Sim Jesus! By Sim Jesus I mean a man named Jesus who was a Non-Player Character within The Simulation as he was controlled by The Simulation as opposed to by any human consciousness. The Computer God (who is notContinue reading “Sim Jesus”

Slow And Steady!

Disclosure is now very much underway. It has been since the original Matrix film came out in 1999. This website has in its own little way given Disclosure a push and I believe Disclosure will now escalate. It is at this point that I have decided to stop promoting this website. I am going toContinue reading “Slow And Steady!”

Being Human

Every human in The Simulation comes in three parts. Their consciousness, their body, and their mental structures. The body is a simulated organism. It is the means through which people interact with their reality. It is simulated in exquisite detail. It is a machine that enables whoever manages to operate it to be human. MentalContinue reading “Being Human”


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