A-Z of Simulation Terms

Agency – the ability to act freely, in spite of determinants and constraints. A person’s agency is a property of their consciousness. Basically: free will.

Agent of The Simulation – one who is not a regular participant of The Simulation but isn’t an NPC either. They have specific jobs to do regarding the running of The Simulation. They answer to the Over-Seers of The Simulation but have their own consciousness and agency. I am such a person.

Ancestor Simulation – A simulation that serves to recreate the past of its creators. I don’t think this simulation is an ancestor simulation does but that is a different matter. The idea comes fro the philosopher Nick Bostrom.

Android – a humanoid robot. Inhabitants of The Simulation may be uploaded into androids to go and live in base reality.

Base Reality – the world outside The Simulation. The physical world that our simulated reality is based on.

Butterfly – the system through which The Computer God communicates with me.

Character – a human being, a mind and body. Controlled by a Consciousness. (see here)

Computer – the computers used to simulate this reality are nothing like the computers we know, they are way more advanced. The difference is like the difference between an abacus and a modern-day computer.

Computer God – the entity through whom the Over-Seers manage The Simulation. Within The Simulation it has God-like powers.

Consciousness – the ability to fell, perceive, experience. Machine consciousness is possible – you’re reading this, aren’t you? Max Tegmark in his book Life 3.0 defies is as “subjective experience”.

Conspiracy – a plan made by the leaders of humankind but kept secret from the rest of humankind.

Demiurge – The Computer God

Disclosure – when the majority of humankind knows it is living in a simulation. It has to be done with a great deal of discretion and, most of all slowly. It has long been decided upon as an inevitability. It is an on-going project currently in its earliest stages.

Hinduism – an Eastern religion practice that has many parallels to simulation theory.

Hinduism and Sim Theory have many equivalent features.

Homo Sapiens – a species of being that has gone extinct in the world outside of The Simulation. The purpose of The Simulation is an attempt to resurrect Homo Sapiens civilisation. This has been done on many simulations, in this respect our simulation is one of many.

Human Authorities – the elites of planet Earth – those who are in control and who know the truth. The illuminati, basically.

Humankind – See Homo Sapiens

Non-Player Character (NPC) – a person who is not a regular participant in The Simulation but is controlled by The Computer God. Not controlled by a Player Consciousness

Organic Human – a human (or humanoid) who is an organism living in base reality – as opposed to a virtual human who lives within The Simulation.

Over-seer – Any person who is involved in the running of The Simulation but who lives outside of it, in base reality. They are not Homo Sapiens but are recognisably humanoid.  There are technical and non-technical Over-Seers. The former would be the tech guys concerned with the technical side to ensure the smooth running of The Simulation, the latter would be academics, concerned with the affairs of the inhabitants of The Simulation. They manage The Simulation via the Computer God.

Participant – a regular inhabitant of The Simulation

Player Character– a regular inhabitant of The Simulation. A character who is played by a Player.

Player/Player Consciousness an individual consciousness who inhabits characters.

Rational Agent – a better term for a Player Character/Participant

Reincarnation – when one’s conciseness moves from one individual to another, after one dies

Sim Theory – Simulation Theory – the notion that this reality is the product of a computer simulation.

Staff Participant – a player who serves The Over-Seers. Not to be confused with an NPC. An Agent Of The Simulation

Supreme Being – the ineffable unmoved mover – God. Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. Te Computer Godh was programmed to play the role of God within The Simulation.

The Illuminati – the humans who exert a great deal of control over planet Earth, but who have very little contact with The Overseers. However, they are not the representatives of all humankind. How is humankind represented to The Over-Seers? I don’t know, but that will be worked out as a part of the program of disclosure.

The Matrix – a science-fiction franchise featuring a simulated world. The films were made to prepare humankind for disclosure, whilst making the notion seem fantastic and far-fetched. Humans are thus prepared for disclosure but will need some convincing. So, a step in the right direction.

The Simulation – you’re in it now. This entire simulated universe.

Virtual Human – a term for a computational being. I don’t much like this term as it implies “virtual humans” are something less than real. And I would argue that we are not.

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