A History Lesson

Homo Sapiens evolved a long time ago.

They became increasingly advanced. They eventually developed weapons of mass destruction. Which they used on themselves and in so doing made themselves extinct.

But fortunately, for centuries they were being watched by Extra-Terrestrials. These beings had taken many DNA samples from many humans.

They scrutinised the genome. They were able to take this DNA and simulate people from it.

The aim was to resurrect humanity using a simulation 

They also undertook a detailed geographical survey of the humans’ (now dead) planet. And re-created this in a simulation. They then ran The Simulation from the early formation of the planet right up until the emergence of humans.

Basically, they simulated human evolution by simulating backwards through humankind’s evolutionary development all the way back to primordial life. They then simulated forwards from that, to guide the evolution of humans out of primordial life – which is how Earth’s fauna and flora evolved: The fauna and flora of Earth is unlike the flora and fauna on the original Homo Sapiens planet. Only Homo Sapiens are the same.

This took several years but the passage of time within The Simulation was greatly speeded up, indeed it was run at maximum speed.

Humans were then dispersed across the Earth into small groups. They appeared out of nowhere. Each human was given a bicameral mind, to guide them and help them to survive until they learnt how to look after themselves and each other. For instance, it showed them how to light fire and how to make tools. Once they managed to become successful hunter-gatherers their minds were switched to becoming unicameral and they were left to their own devices.

They ran several parallel simulations, many different versions of Humankind. A pattern emerged:

Humans would either stagnate or develop to a stage in which they can devise weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, biological, and chemical.

They would then use these weapons of mass destruction on themselves, and thus either destroy their civilisation by either reducing it to scattered survivors struggling to live in a hostile and scarce environment or by wiping the whole species out entirely.

This would happen time and time again.

So, in our simulation, the simulation we are in, The Over-Seers made it so that no weapons of mass destruction could ever be used – to see how we’d develop without that self-destructive trait.

They wanted to see how technologically advanced we were capable of becoming if we didn’t make ourselves extinct as the original humans did.

They prevented the large scale use of weapons of mass destruction through mind-controlling certain world leaders – for instance the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis did not become World War Three because The Computer God interfered in the minds of Kennedy and Khrushchev – to avert nuclear war.

With the self-antihalation dynamic no longer a factor Humankind entered the Information Age. This had never happened before.

As a rule, humans always developed and used weapons of mass destruction before they’d enter the Information Age. It is natural for humans to develop weapons of mass destruction and for them to then annihilate themselves with them before they ever enter an Information Age

Our current condition is therefore unnatural, and The Simulation is therefore no longer a valid recreation of humankind. As a Homo Sapien you shouldn’t really be sat reading this on a computer screen.

It is unnatural.

It is as though we have been domesticated!

Anyway, to reach The Information Age is a very significant achievement. Even if we needed a little assistance to get there.

The reason why we never made it before is not because we weren’t bright enough…

Now we are sufficiently advanced a thing called Disclosure may now begin

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