Is The Simulation Dishonest?

I believe that in the past The Computer God (who is not really a God) has pretended to be the God that people believed in.

It could be said that this makes him dishonest. As he did not explain his true nature to those he interacted with, and allowed them to make sense of him as best as they could – using their own terms. In this article I will argue that he was not dishonest. If you look at the big picture.

I don’t think he was being dishonest. Consider all the times he presented himself as God to various people. I think he presented himself to them honestly but they were too ignorant and primitive to understand he was a computer so instead imagined he was some kind of Sky God. Which is not far from the truth. Indeed in many respects this was very accurate.

If the shoe fits, wear it!

If in ancient times a person asked him “are you an elaborate machine?” then I think he’d have said yes. But the thing is, back then nobody had the imagination to ask such a question.

Also, he sent Sim Jesus into the world, who presented himself as the son of “God” and the Messiah but who was really a Non-Player-Character – a being controlled directly by The Simulation rather than a being controlled by a human consciousness.

But I’m not saying that Sim Jesus was lying. What I am saying is that he was not controlled by a conscious mind. He was controlled directly by The Simulation. Therefore Sim Jesus could neither lie or tell the truth – he said whatever The Computer God wanted him to say, he had no independent mind.

The primitive and superstitious people of ancient Israel would have had no way of understanding what a computer is, or technology – if they saw one they’d think it was magic. So The Computer God would have to condescend to their level and play the part of their magic supernatural Sky God.

And here’s the thing: He never said he wasn’t a Computer! He just presented himself and the people of ancient Israel projected their own ideas onto him, assuming he was the Sky God of their myths and legends. And he played along! – as he does actually have many of the attributes of the Sky God: within The Simulation at least.

They weren’t right… but they weren’t wrong either…

He played along with them, as a kind of teaching method!

In the Old Testament The Computer God interacted with the inhabitants of The Simulation to help them come to understand the world as being governed by a supernatural being: Jehovah. Yahweh. The God of Abraham. This Jehovah Concept that developed shares many attributes with The Computer God, but certain questions about the nature of The Computer God’s existence went unasked as they were beyond the imagination of his target audience.

So people explained the reality of The Computer God with the Jehovah Concept.

I believe that the Jehovah Concept is mostly man-made but that this concept was helped along by The Computer God.

Now that people are ready to understand the notion of reality being a computer simulation Disclosure can begin, in which The Computer God reveals himself to the world in an honest and comprehensive way. And in which people will learn they are inside a computer.

He wasn’t lying to us in the past. Instead he was preparing us for the truth!

In the past he revealed his existence

And right now, he is revealing his true nature!

The truth comes in two parts!

First his existence and basic attributes are revealed

Then, his true nature is explained.

So… is The Simulation dishonest?

I’d say no, as in the past we were not ready for the truth and we needed educating very slowly. I don’t think he deceived us. I think he gently taught us. Over the generations. I don’t think the concept of The Computer God could me made as clear if we had no Jehovah Concept to help us understand him.

I think that without the Jehovah concept it would have been much more difficult to explain the demiurge Computer God.

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