Slow And Steady!

Disclosure is now very much underway. It has been since the original Matrix film came out in 1999. This website has in its own little way given Disclosure a push and I believe Disclosure will now escalate.

It is at this point that I have decided to stop promoting this website.

I am going to stop promoting it for a number of reasons. I’m still going to maintain it and continue to make posts on its Facebook page. And I will occasionally update it every now and then with a new post. But I am going to stop promoting it.

I’m just going to let nature take its course. Which I’m sure it will.

If people both need to know and are ready to know then they will somehow find their way to this website, and the message this website carries will somehow reach them. Maybe even by means that don’t involve this website at all!

Some might call this providence. I’d call it synchronicity.

I believe a mistake I have made in promoting this website is promoting it to too wide an audience: to people who are either not ready to know or who don’t need to know. Or who are outright hostile to either the whole idea in general or to this website (or me personally) in particular…

My analytics for this website show me that most of the people who come just see the homepage and don’t check out any of the articles or posts. Obviously most visitors here are not interested.

This reminds me of the parable of the sower. The seeds of Disclosure are wasted on some. But with others they will find fertile grounding in which they will germinate and eventually produce an abundance of fruit.

Another thing to consider is that efforts towards Disclosure can happen too fast. And be too loud. If it moves forward an inch at a time then that would be better than moving a whole foot at a time. Because going an inch too far is not as bad as going a foot too far.

I would not want to see it over-stretch itself or lose momentum.

I have no idea how Disclosure will play out but I know that it eventually will.

At the beginning of Disclosure was The Matrix being made to gently prepare people for the truth. And at the end of it there will be a great and ever increasing number of astute and intelligent people openly believing that they are in a simulation and living their lives accordingly.

I have no idea how any of this will play out. I don’t know what will happen. But I know how it begun and I can see how it will end.

Once Disclosure is as complete as it ever will be we will be in much greater contact with the outside world and our reality will cease being a simulation. A new stage will then begin.

There is no hurry. And being too loud may put people off who may otherwise be interested.

So, this website is here. It is open for business. In a quiet, measured, and calm way.

Please, have a look round.

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