Being Human

Every human in The Simulation comes in three parts. Their consciousness, their body, and their mental structures.

The body is a simulated organism. It is the means through which people interact with their reality. It is simulated in exquisite detail. It is a machine that enables whoever manages to operate it to be human.

Mental structures are a person’s memories, skills, and knowledge. Basically, mental structures are how your brain has been wired, and what’s in it.

It is possible to say that mental structures and the body are the same thing. But I think of mental structures and the body as being separate things. Mental structures have a role in how you perceive your reality.

There is then Consciousness. Consciousness inhabits the body and works through the mental structures. It is the Consciousness that is aware and that experiences things. It is also the source of our free-will. Every consciousness is different. Some are good, others bad. Some stupid, others bright. Some strong, others weak. And so on.

You are your consciousness in a way that you are not your body or your mental structures. A Consciousness animates its body and its mental structures.

A person’s character is the result of the interplay between their consciousness and their mental structures. Together, these form a conscious mind that operates the body. If you were to take a person and then disconnect their body and mental structures from their consciousness and then connect their body and mental structures to another consciousness then you would get a different person – different as in not like they were before and different as in being a different entity.

Some inhabitants of The Simulation are “non-player characters” – they are not operated by a conscious mind. Instead, they are operated by The Simulation. I believe that on my travels I have encountered many such entities.

I also believe that in 2004 my original consciousness was over-written (or maybe displaced) by my current consciousness. And that all my memories from before then never truly happened to me. It’s a long story that I am not going to go into here.

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