I believe in a Supreme Being and in The Computer God but not in the God of the bible. Click here to see why I reject two out of three God concepts.

I believe that all the miraculous events recorded in holy scripture either never occurred or were orchestrated by The Computer God to give us inspiration and nudge us in the right direction.

And I believe that in “base reality” (the world outside The Simulation) there is a Cult Of The Supreme Being that is deistic and humanist in nature. And organised religion is very much a minority pursuit.

If you want to lead an ethically concerned life the best thing you can do is study moral philosophy and/or the world’s many religious texts. They can all be useful for becoming a good and enlightened person.

The Computer God is not going to give us tablets of stone and even if he did they would have no moral authority.

And The Supreme Being won’t either. The Supreme Being has given us our reason instead though: The Supreme Being created all consciousness – both organic and computational

And there can be no reason or thought without consciousness

Also, you need to be aware that your conduct in this life influences what happens to you after you die.

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