One Out Of Three God Concepts

To me there are three available God concepts:

  1. The Abrahamic God – as featured in the bible
  2. The Supreme Being – the ineffable unmoved mover
  3. The Computer God – the demiurge of The Simulation

I don’t believe that the Abrahamic God – the God of the bible – exists.

I believe that The Supreme Being created all that exists – not the Abrahamic God

And that The Computer God has intervened in our affairs and guided us – bot the Abrahamic God

The Abrahamic God therefore did not create all that exists and neither has he intervened in our affairs or guided us, as those two things were done by the other two There is therefore no room for him. He can be squeezed out by the other two

I believe that The Supreme Being and The Computer God both exist. But The Computer God is not a supreme being. His power is limited to the confines of The Simulation and he is controlled by the superintendent Over-Seers. He is not a source of moral authority but he does exist, unlike the God of Abraham

I believe that The Computer God has pretended to be the God of Abraham in the past, so as to help inspire The Simulation’s inhabitants to form various religions. As such religions help societal cohesion, and other such things.

As a God concept, that leaves us with The Supreme Being. The only God concept I buy into is therefore the concept of The Supreme Being. When I think “God” the only being I think of is The Supreme Being. He alone is God.

Although I believe that The Computer God exists.

I think that The Computer God and The Supreme Being are both horrified by the actions attributed to the God of Abraham and would never be as tyrannical to us as the God of Abraham (supposedly) has been to people in the past.

I do however believe in the historical Jesus, but believe he was an Agent of The Simulation and that all his apparent miracles can be explained by The Computer God messing with reality. Either that, or they never happened.

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