Morality And The Simulation

It is not a case of “none of this is real so I can do whatever I want!”

The revelation that we are computational shouldn’t make any difference as to how we should behave and treat others. It certainly does not mean that we should abandon morality. Although it is all simulated it is still a dimension of reality.

It is very much real and I don’t think that it can be dismissed as an illusion:

The experiences that we have of this world are very real therefore the things that these experiences are based on are very real: Because they can produce real experiences. They are real because they produce real experiences whilst existing independently of anyone’s consciousness.

And of course, we humans are real as we each exist independently of anyone’s consciousness.

The Computer God won’t give us tablets of stone. And that is not his business. That is not what he is there for. He is not a moral authority.

It is up to us to study ethics and produce a science of morality based on the reality of humankind’s capacity to suffer and feel real pleasure and pain. The answers as to how to be a good human are not on this website. They can be found in the holy books of the human religions and in secular human philosophy. It is something we must each work out for ourselves.

Click here to go to an article about religion and The Simulation.

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