It Shouldn’t Change A Thing

Learning that you are computational and not organic shouldn’t change a thing. A simulated world is just as real as any physical world. You are still real. Your experience is still real. And the things you experience are still real. And other people are real too You are not alone.

Take for instance an old, heavy iron cannonball. Ultimately it is lines of code, it is data. Surely data cannot harm anyone? But drop this heavy cannonball on your foot and then tell me it’s just code in a simulation!

Yes, it is actually a simulation – but that says more about its purpose than about its nature or how it works. But it is also real

You live and experience as as real person therefore you are a real person and the things you experience exist independently of you. All of this is a computational dimension of reality

Not some kind of illusion or a dreamworld

We can perform real actions that have real consequences. Pain and pleasure are both real. All this being a simulation shouldn’t change that. It doesn’t change a thing. You are still real. As are other people. As is this world

What goes for the physical world should also go for any simulated world because a simulated world is just as real as any physical world.

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