Renouncing Simulation Theory

This is an open letter to God, in which I apologise to Him for re-embracing Simulation Theory. For those of you who don’t know, Simulation Theory is the notion that this reality and all humans are a computer simulation. It is a slick heresy and certainly not a serious philosophy, although it can be stretched to resemble one. I have always found it attractive as it can explain certain abnormal features of my life experience.

Dear Lord,

I know I have recently broken one of your commandments – namely “thou shalt have no other gods before Me”. As the King James Version puts it.

I believe the simulated demiurge of Simulation Theory (the computer god who reigns over “The Simulation” on behalf of “The Over-Seers” who built and maintain it) can act as a barrier between us humans and you, the Supreme Being: That is puts you, the one true God, into its shade and competes to take your place in peoples hearts and minds.

I believe the notion of the computer god serves to belittle you, who unlike the computer god actually exists and is worthy of worship. I believe that embracing Simulation Theory necessarily requires embracing the computer god, as a higher being. Which is I think a way of having a god other than you, The Supreme Being.

If one were to live one’s life according to Simulation Theory one would live it as though the computer god is the Supreme Being – which it is not! First off, it doesn’t exist. And secondly, even if it did it would not be a Supreme Being as it would have been designed and created, by intelligent beings. By definition, a being who is supreme as you are can have no creators.

I am also sorry for attempting to synthesise Christianity and Simulation Theory. I know it is not my place to go about redesigning and updating Christianity, which I believe to be an authentic faith, unlike Simulation Theory.

If we take Christianity to be 1 and Simulation Theory to be minus 1 and then add these together we get exactly zero. Adding a measure truth to an equal measure of falsehood gives nothing of value! Says it all, really!

I know that in the past I have alternated between Simulation Theory and Christianity but I hope never to accept Simulation Theory again. At the end of the day, we all have a choice as to what type of person we become. And I want to be a Christian more than a believer in Simulation Theory.

Although there is much about Christianity that is potentially preposterous, I believe it to be a legitimate route to you, The Supreme Being. And for me, certainly the most direct and most uncomplicated one. And it is a route I want to go down, on account of its destination but also because it is a route that is much less lonely too.

I therefore publicly renounce Simulation Theory, and repent the error of my ways.

And I hope that you will forgive me.


However, I am going to keep this website up, to serve as an example to the world of what a false religion may look like.

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