A New Version of Christianity

I have created a new version of Christianity:

To do this I have synthesised Christianity and Simulation Theory

For those who don’t know, Simulation Theory is the notion that all humans and the entire universe we experience as “real” is truly a simulated dimension of reality, the product of advanced technology

I currently call the product of this synthesis Simulational Christianity

It holds that our common (simulated) reality is designed to be the equivalent of a non-simulated world in which a religion equivalent to Christianity (that Christianity is very much based on) happens to be true

It says that certain events mentioned in the bible truly occurred, and that certain people mentioned truly lived, and that all this was instigated by The Over-Seers of The Simulation, so as to make Christianity develop the way it did: organically, but with a little help from above

I believe that throughout history The Simulation and its Over-Seers have literally played God and do so to this day

I do not believe The Simulation and its Over-Seers to be God, but I believe God to be The Simulation and its Over-Seers. And I very much believe these characters are not to be worshipped.

I arrived at this position because I am a Christian who believes in Simulation Theory

For a while I thought the two were irreconcilable but I now see that they are not

I believe our reality is what is known as an “ancestor simulation”, a project designed to simulate the past of its creators, and perhaps also to explore possible alternative histories – out of curiosity. Such as (perhaps) “what would the world be like were religion X true?”

Perhaps the purpose of running The Simulation is to assess whether or not religion X is true???

Is there a real God who exists outside The Simulation, in “base reality”? I think that is certainly an issue amongst the Over-Seers who created The Simulation and that such a controversy may be somehow behind their intention to create this simulation in the first place

And that a religion recognisably similar to what we know as Christianity exists in base reality, which is what Christianity is based on: Religion X

I arrived at my belief in Simulation Theory because I believe The Simulation communicates with me and that it wants me to put this message out

If I was an ego-maniac or a narcissist I would somehow write myself into this, but I have no intention of starting a cult or declaring myself a prophet, that is not my business

I do however claim to be the High-Priest of Simulational Christianity

For the time being, at least. Until someone better comes along.

Why would I have been instructed to tell everyone all this?

Because I believe it has been determined that we humans are nearly developed enough to learn the truth, and could greatly benefit from hearing the truth. And that a new era is set to begin. But beyond that, I don’t really know. But I believe it to be a part of a process called “disclosure” in which humankind comes to learn it inhabits a simulation.

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