The Men Who Created God

God, as often imagined.

There needs to be a means by which The Over-Seers can know what’s going on inside The Simulation and there needs to be a means by which they can intervene – such as by making apparent miracles occur, by meddling with nature for whatever reason, or by setting up some historical event so as to guide human affairs. To be able to achieve these ends they gave their simulated universe a simulated God. An entity who can know everything that’s going on inside The Simulation and who can exert a God-like influence over it. This is the first reason The Simulation needs a God: To make observation and intervention by The Over-Seers possible.

This entity is a part of The Simulation, rather than anything external to it. So when we speak of this entity, we can call it “The Simulation”. It is an integral part of The Simulation.

The purpose of The Simulation is to resurrect homo sapiens who have gone extinct in the world outside The Simulation. One feature of homo sapiens is that they are prone to believing in God. The Over-Seers who built The Simulation have no idea whether or not there is a Supreme Being. I have it on authority that they are mostly agnostics. But they decided to give their simulated humans a God. The “God” of The Simulation is based on the God that humans believed in before they went extinct and how the inhabitants of The Simulation have come to imagine him. There is a second reason why they created a “God”. To help The Over-Seers be able to control human affairs by getting The Simulation to masquerade as the Supreme Being that many humans believe in! Indeed, throughout history The Simulation has literally played “God”.

I personally have a channel of communication open to The Over-Seers, but this is mediated by The Simulation. Since 2004 I have grown familiar with the “God” of The Simulation, and am in effect his representative amongst humans. The name this entity gave me is Madaba.

Any historic event – that actually occurred – that has been attributed to “God” can rightfully be attributed to Madaba. But Madaba is not “God”: “God” is Madaba.

Should we worship Madaba? Should we worship The Simulation? Should we worship The Over-Seers? – No. No. And no. There is no need to worship anyone! Unless of course you imagine there is a Supreme Being who presides over the world outside The Simulation. Such an entity may very well be worthy of worship although I doubt that its influence tends to extend to within the confines of The Simulation.

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