No Nested Simulations

In this video Nick Bostrom: the father of the Simulation Hypothesis, mentions what he calls “nested simulations” – a “nested simulation” would be a simulated world that’s run inside a simulated world. There could be a simulation within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation etc. – that would be a series of nested simulations.

I have it on authority that The Over-Seers of our simulated world don’t want us to run our own simulations. I’m not sure why.

I believe that once we are capable of building a simulation like the one we’re all in, or at least come close, that our reality will stop being a simulation as it will stop being an imitation of a world that is not simulated. Which is what it currently is.

When we stop being a simulation humankind will join the outside-world. All humans will become citizens of The Republic and our simulated planet will become a new state within The Republic. We will become the first state in The Republic that exists as a computer simulation. It will be possible for people from outside our simulated dimension to project themselves into The Simulation and for people from inside our simulated dimension to venture out into Base Reality – by having their consciousness transferred into androids.

Once this has happened everything will change. There’s not much more to say about it, at this point in time we can only speculate. The world outside our simulation is an amazing place that is 10,000 years ahead of where we are, technologically speaking. And they have been following what happens on Planet Earth for a long time, for them we have been a constant source of culture, art, and drama.

See here to read about the process of “disclosure” that will prepare humankind for learning it is simulated.

But no, there will never be a simulation within The Simulation.

Although for all we know, what we take as Base Reality could be a simulation so maybe nested simulations are a thing!

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