Humans are Extinct!

A human skull is a symbol of death.

Human are extinct… in the wild…

And have been for some time

I don’t know the details, but knowing humans I suspect they somehow caused their own demise

This planet and all the humans who live upon it is a computer simulation – a recreation of the humans’ home planet…

A place where the good side of humanity can be observed, but also its bad side

A kind of high-tech zoo created by beings who are way more advanced than we are

Or perhaps more nicely, it’s like a reservation for indigenous people!

Planet Earth is basically a museum piece

Or at least it has been up until now…

Planet Earth has been a good source of drama for the Over-Seers of The Simulation and those who follow what’s going on and has always been an important cultural centre. I believe that the art, philosophy and literature humans have created have been exported to the outside world where they are greatly enjoyed by those who are interested in such things.

But all this will change once disclosure occurs and we eventually join the world outside The Simulation, as a mature species. Follow the link.

Or, alternatively, check out the homepage of this website

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