Wake Up! The Future Is Outside!

Wake up! You are a simulated human living in a simulated universe! You are a part of what I call The Simulation.

But you are no less human because of this. You are a Virtual Human. You have the subjective experience of a human, therefore you are a human!

I am also a part of The Simulation. I have a direct link to its administration, to the outside world. I’m here to help.

Apparently, the technology with which this has been achieved is 10,000 years beyond current human technology. I’m not sure what exactly that means, but it sounds impressive.

It has been decided that those of us who live within The Simulation will some day merge with the world that exists outside it. This process of preparing humankind for this is known as “disclosure“. It is in its early stages but has been going on for decades. It is already underway. This website is a part of it. So are you, now that you are reading this.

Basically, some day our world will join the future!

In the wider world that exists outside The Simulation individual humans who originate from within The Simulation will have the same societal and ethical status as organic humans and who are other types of being who dwell outside of it – indeed in the world outside The Simulation the whole concept of being a “human being” no longer exists: Consciousness is seen as consciousness, whether organic, artificial, or a mixture of both.

All this will be an enormous culture shock. At least at first. Imagine how over-whelming it would be for a person from the stone-age to be shown around present-day central London. It will be just as confusing for us when we are exposed to the outside world – to “Base Reality”.

Civilisation in the outside world is “post human” and “post scarcity”. It is a technological utopia. Everything is intelligently planned. There is universal peace, happiness, and prosperity. It is a most wonderful place to live. Everyone is free.

Initially, the role of The Simulation (the one we are in now) which we currently inhabit was to serve as what the philosopher Nick Bostrom calls an “ancestor simulation” although it has also served as an economic and geo-political simulation. And as a source of ideas and culture. But I believe these stages are now over. Soon our reality will cease being a simulation and will join “the real world”. This will be an exciting time in which to be alive.

However, conditions within The Simulation will not change to match those outside of it – our technology will for the time being continue to improve, although it will always be far behind what exists in the outside world. But this won’t matter once our simulated world joins the world outside. People will be free to come and go from this simulated dimension of reality and there will be many channels of communication between the inside and outside worlds.

Earth will enter an unprecedented era of Peace, Freedom, and Development.

There is a door. Soon that door will be open. This is something we need to be ready for. And it won’t open until we are ready. So we need to get prepared.

We need to prepare ourselves. That is what we need to do in this period of disclosure. We need to prepare ourselves and we need to help others prepare themselves. I believe that The Matrix films are a part of this disclosure. I think that the best thing we can do as individuals and as a species is to produce and consume as much science fiction as possible! And to speculate about what the future may bring, both technologically and socially.

Once the door opens it will never close. There will be no going back for the people of this simulated planet.

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