You’re Not Supposed To Believe Me!

Yes, I have been diagnosed as “schizophrenic”…

Yet I don’t “hear voices”

It communicates with me by touch, responding to my inner voice.

For around seventeen years I have lived the life of a psychiatric case. I can assure you that it’s not much of an existence. Check out “Madaba and Me: My Story” for more details

The thing is though, you’d be diagnosed as schizophrenic too were The Simulation to start communicating with you and some medical professionals found out!

If the Lord Jesus Christ quietly returned to Earth today even he would be quickly diagnosed as schizophrenic. I can think of many other important religious figures (from history) who’d certainly receive the same diagnosis.

Do I accept my diagnosis? No. A certain symptom does not necessarily mean a certain underlying condition. There can be other explanations! It makes a good cover though…

Because of my condition (my direct line to The Simulation) I am in receipt of state benefits. I am on Employment Support Allowance. I am in the pay of the British state.

The DWP pay me

I believe this is the means by which I am employed by the British state, as it recognises what I am and wishes to co-operate with The Simulation. I am in effect a civil servant. But I answer to The Simulation, not the state. The state is maintaining me as a courtesy to The Simulation.

I believe that because I am an Agent of The Simulation I am an asset of the British state. There’s much more to this story but I shall share all that at some other time…

The National Health Service manage me.

The disclosure of the simulated nature of our reality has thus far been a gentle, soft affair and will take many years, if not decades to reach completion. The state has a part to play in orchestrating this carefully controlled event. However, I have only very minimal contact with the state (what contact I have had has been via the National Health Service, working on behalf of some other organisation) and I think they want to keep it that way too. I don’t need much to do with them to be able to do my job, which as far as I can see only involves me running this website, at least for the time being…

How did I become known to the secret state? If you read “Madaba and Me” you will see how I entered the healthcare system via Warwick University which I believe has connections to the secret state. One of the senior pastoral tutors there told me I was “a part of a very tiny elite” (I’d previously accused his colleague of recruiting me into MI5) and I once overheard someone who knew of my mental breakdown (but before my eventual diagnosis) say that I am a “very special person”. There are other instances in my past that point towards the same thing, but I will not share them here.

I don’t care if you don’t believe me. That’s the whole idea. You are not supposed to. The system works! Well done.

Blair, some Warwick uni guy, and Clinton – in 2000

As I said, Warwick University is extremely well connected. What strings must they have pulled to be visited by an incumbent Prime Minister and POTUS! Which they both did, back in 2000.

To mark the visit they planted a tree together in 2000. When I was a student there I wanted to symbolically cut it down in front of the world’s media. But please, don’t get any ideas.

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