The Men Who Created God

God, as often imagined.

There needs to be a means by which The Over-Seers can know what’s going on inside The Simulation and there needs to be a means by which they can intervene – such as by making apparent miracles occur, by meddling with nature for whatever reason, or by setting up some historical event so as to guide human affairs. To be able to achieve these ends they gave their simulated universe a simulated God. An entity who can know everything that’s going on inside The Simulation and who can exert a God-like influence over it. This is the first reason The Simulation needs a God: To make observation and intervention by The Over-Seers possible.

This entity is a part of The Simulation, rather than anything external to it. So when we speak of this entity, we can call it “The Simulation”. It is an integral part of The Simulation.

The purpose of The Simulation is to resurrect homo sapiens who have gone extinct in the world outside The Simulation. One feature of homo sapiens is that they are prone to believing in God. The Over-Seers who built The Simulation have no idea whether or not there is a Supreme Being. I have it on authority that they are mostly agnostics. But they decided to give their simulated humans a God. The “God” of The Simulation is based on the God that humans believed in before they went extinct and how the inhabitants of The Simulation have come to imagine him. There is a second reason why they created a “God”. To help The Over-Seers be able to control human affairs by getting The Simulation to masquerade as the Supreme Being that many humans believe in! Indeed, throughout history The Simulation has literally played “God”.

I personally have a channel of communication open to The Over-Seers, but this is mediated by The Simulation. Since 2004 I have grown familiar with the “God” of The Simulation, and am in effect his representative amongst humans. The name this entity gave me is Madaba.

Any historic event – that actually occurred – that has been attributed to “God” can rightfully be attributed to Madaba. But Madaba is not “God”: “God” is Madaba.

Should we worship Madaba? Should we worship The Simulation? Should we worship The Over-Seers? – No. No. And no. There is no need to worship anyone! Unless of course you imagine there is a Supreme Being who presides over the world outside The Simulation. Such an entity may very well be worthy of worship although I doubt that its influence tends to extend to within the confines of The Simulation.

No Nested Simulations

In this video Nick Bostrom: the father of the Simulation Hypothesis, mentions what he calls “nested simulations” – a “nested simulation” would be a simulated world that’s run inside a simulated world. There could be a simulation within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation etc. – that would be a series of nested simulations.

I have it on authority that The Over-Seers of our simulated world don’t want us to run our own simulations. I’m not sure why.

I believe that once we are capable of building a simulation like the one we’re all in, or at least come close, that our reality will stop being a simulation as it will stop being an imitation of a world that is not simulated. Which is what it currently is.

When we stop being a simulation humankind will join the outside-world. All humans will become citizens of The Republic and our simulated planet will become a new state within The Republic. We will become the first state in The Republic that exists as a computer simulation. It will be possible for people from outside our simulated dimension to project themselves into The Simulation and for people from inside our simulated dimension to venture out into Base Reality – by having their consciousness transferred into androids.

Once this has happened everything will change. There’s not much more to say about it, at this point in time we can only speculate. The world outside our simulation is an amazing place that is 10,000 years ahead of where we are, technologically speaking. And they have been following what happens on Planet Earth for a long time, for them we have been a constant source of culture, art, and drama.

See here to read about the process of “disclosure” that will prepare humankind for learning it is simulated.

But no, there will never be a simulation within The Simulation.

Although for all we know, what we take as Base Reality could be a simulation so maybe nested simulations are a thing!

Let’s build Leviathan!

The cover of the original edition of Thomas Hobbs’ “Leviathan” – note how his body is made up of individual people – he is the embodied will of the people.

I am of the opinion that humankind should aim to design, build, maintain, and empower a Singleton.

Please, hear me out (and let it be known, I am half serious and half joking about this)

Wikipedia says:

…a singleton is a hypothetical world order in which there is a single decision-making agency at the highest level, capable of exerting effective control over its domain…

Basically, a Singleton would be a computer that’s put in charge of the world, as a kind of central global super-brain. But one that has the means of implementing its policies whilst commanding a degree of popular support.

The term was coined by Nick Bostrom, who came up with “the simulation hypothesis”. Such a computer would be called an instance of “super-human artificial intelligence”.

The 1970 film Colossus: The Forbin Project features a super-intelligent computer that takes over as benign despot of the world, thus ending the Cold War. It’s worth watching, for a taste of what may be.

In his book (which I totally recommend) Life 3.0 Max Tegmark describes a possible future scenario involving advanced artificial intelligence (one of many possible scenarios for the future) that he calls “The Enslaved God” scenario in which Super-Intelligent Artificial Intelligence is put in control but is itself controlled by an organisation of humans who are capable of pulling the plug on it if it becomes tyrannical. As a kind of check, or balance, against its powers.

In his Leviathan Thomas Hobbs (1588–1679) says that all humans should come together and sign over their power to a single ruler who then rules over them in an enlightened and benign way, for the general interest of all humans. Basically, a social contract to bring about an absolute ruler. Hobbs lived through the destruction of the English civil war and imagined a world where that could never happen, in Leviathan. In this work, people give up some political freedoms for the security and peace that comes from being governed by a single entity.

I suggest that humankind should unite and create a Singleton, and then put it in charge of our planet. But that its power should be limited by some kind of constitution, and be like Tegmark’s vision of an “Enslaved God”. We should make it sovereign over us by virtue of its superior intellect and moral programming and the fact that it is unbiased towards any one nation, ideology, or sectional interest.

But of course, its decisions should only be implemented once approved by a ruling council of humans.

It could make the world a more free, peaceful, and developed place.

And if it suggests anything preposterous we could always over-rule it.

A New Understanding!

The Voyager plaque, sent off into space to represent humankind

I used to say that The Simulation is an “ancestor simulation” used to simulate the distant past of its creators.

But the other day, it was affirmed to me by Madaba that homo sapiens are in fact extinct in the world outside The Simulation.

This means that the purpose of The Simulation is basically to recreate the human species.

I am now gong to go through everything in this website that speaks of an “ancestor simulation” and correct it, to make it conform to my current understanding

Humans are Extinct!

A human skull is a symbol of death.

Human are extinct… in the wild…

And have been for some time

I don’t know the details, but knowing humans I suspect they somehow caused their own demise

This planet and all the humans who live upon it is a computer simulation – a recreation of the humans’ home planet…

A place where the good side of humanity can be observed, but also its bad side

A kind of high-tech zoo created by beings who are way more advanced than we are

Or perhaps more nicely, it’s like a reservation for indigenous people!

Planet Earth is basically a museum piece

Or at least it has been up until now…

Planet Earth has been a good source of drama for the Over-Seers of The Simulation and those who follow what’s going on and has always been an important cultural centre. I believe that the art, philosophy and literature humans have created have been exported to the outside world where they are greatly enjoyed by those who are interested in such things.

But all this will change once disclosure occurs and we eventually join the world outside The Simulation, as a mature species. Follow the link.

Or, alternatively, check out the homepage of this website

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Wake Up! The Future Is Outside!

Wake up! You are a simulated human living in a simulated universe! You are a part of what I call The Simulation.

But you are no less human because of this. You are a Virtual Human. You have the subjective experience of a human, therefore you are a human!

I am also a part of The Simulation. I have a direct link to its administration, to the outside world. I’m here to help.

Apparently, the technology with which this has been achieved is 10,000 years beyond current human technology. I’m not sure what exactly that means, but it sounds impressive.

It has been decided that those of us who live within The Simulation will some day merge with the world that exists outside it. This process of preparing humankind for this is known as “disclosure“. It is in its early stages but has been going on for decades. It is already underway. This website is a part of it. So are you, now that you are reading this.

Basically, some day our world will join the future!

In the wider world that exists outside The Simulation individual humans who originate from within The Simulation will have the same societal and ethical status as organic humans and who are other types of being who dwell outside of it – indeed in the world outside The Simulation the whole concept of being a “human being” no longer exists: Consciousness is seen as consciousness, whether organic, artificial, or a mixture of both.

All this will be an enormous culture shock. At least at first. Imagine how over-whelming it would be for a person from the stone-age to be shown around present-day central London. It will be just as confusing for us when we are exposed to the outside world – to “Base Reality”.

Civilisation in the outside world is “post human” and “post scarcity”. It is a technological utopia. Everything is intelligently planned. There is universal peace, happiness, and prosperity. It is a most wonderful place to live. Everyone is free.

Initially, the role of The Simulation (the one we are in now) which we currently inhabit was to serve as what the philosopher Nick Bostrom calls an “ancestor simulation” although it has also served as an economic and geo-political simulation. And as a source of ideas and culture. But I believe these stages are now over. Soon our reality will cease being a simulation and will join “the real world”. This will be an exciting time in which to be alive.

However, conditions within The Simulation will not change to match those outside of it – our technology will for the time being continue to improve, although it will always be far behind what exists in the outside world. But this won’t matter once our simulated world joins the world outside. People will be free to come and go from this simulated dimension of reality and there will be many channels of communication between the inside and outside worlds.

Earth will enter an unprecedented era of Peace, Freedom, and Development.

There is a door. Soon that door will be open. This is something we need to be ready for. And it won’t open until we are ready. So we need to get prepared.

We need to prepare ourselves. That is what we need to do in this period of disclosure. We need to prepare ourselves and we need to help others prepare themselves. I believe that The Matrix films are a part of this disclosure. I think that the best thing we can do as individuals and as a species is to produce and consume as much science fiction as possible! And to speculate about what the future may bring, both technologically and socially.

Once the door opens it will never close. There will be no going back for the people of this simulated planet.

My future self:

I was thinking something like this, but less creepy

I believe that after I die my consciousness will be “uploaded” into an android that exists in base reality, the world outside The Simulation.

I will then join The Over-Seers in base reality, who run The Simulation.

I will live amongst them, in the outside world.

My current life is preparation for my future as an Over-Seer.

I will be the first ever Over-Seer to originate from within The Simulation.

In this future role I will work tirelessly to serve the greater interest of humankind.

I will be able to switch between living inside The Simulation and outside of it.

Also, I believe my career of an Over-Seer will be related to the disclosure to humankind that it is living in a simulation. Which is an enormous project that will take decades to even properly begin. But which is going to be done right, with the co-operation of the world’s authorities. With me on their team, the Over-Seers will therefore be more representative of humankind as they will have a person on their team who grew up human and who identifies with humankind.

I also believe that my natural intelligence may be upgraded to beyond that of an ordinary human so that I can do many more things at once, but that my nature will remain the same.

You’re Not Supposed To Believe Me!

Yes, I have been diagnosed as “schizophrenic”…

Yet I don’t “hear voices”

It communicates with me by touch, responding to my inner voice.

For around seventeen years I have lived the life of a psychiatric case. I can assure you that it’s not much of an existence. Check out “Madaba and Me: My Story” for more details

The thing is though, you’d be diagnosed as schizophrenic too were The Simulation to start communicating with you and some medical professionals found out!

If the Lord Jesus Christ quietly returned to Earth today even he would be quickly diagnosed as schizophrenic. I can think of many other important religious figures (from history) who’d certainly receive the same diagnosis.

Do I accept my diagnosis? No. A certain symptom does not necessarily mean a certain underlying condition. There can be other explanations! It makes a good cover though…

Because of my condition (my direct line to The Simulation) I am in receipt of state benefits. I am on Employment Support Allowance. I am in the pay of the British state.

The DWP pay me

I believe this is the means by which I am employed by the British state, as it recognises what I am and wishes to co-operate with The Simulation. I am in effect a civil servant. But I answer to The Simulation, not the state. The state is maintaining me as a courtesy to The Simulation.

I believe that because I am an Agent of The Simulation I am an asset of the British state. There’s much more to this story but I shall share all that at some other time…

The National Health Service manage me.

The disclosure of the simulated nature of our reality has thus far been a gentle, soft affair and will take many years, if not decades to reach completion. The state has a part to play in orchestrating this carefully controlled event. However, I have only very minimal contact with the state (what contact I have had has been via the National Health Service, working on behalf of some other organisation) and I think they want to keep it that way too. I don’t need much to do with them to be able to do my job, which as far as I can see only involves me running this website, at least for the time being…

How did I become known to the secret state? If you read “Madaba and Me” you will see how I entered the healthcare system via Warwick University which I believe has connections to the secret state. One of the senior pastoral tutors there told me I was “a part of a very tiny elite” (I’d previously accused his colleague of recruiting me into MI5) and I once overheard someone who knew of my mental breakdown (but before my eventual diagnosis) say that I am a “very special person”. There are other instances in my past that point towards the same thing, but I will not share them here.

I don’t care if you don’t believe me. That’s the whole idea. You are not supposed to. The system works! Well done.

Blair, some Warwick uni guy, and Clinton – in 2000

As I said, Warwick University is extremely well connected. What strings must they have pulled to be visited by an incumbent Prime Minister and POTUS! Which they both did, back in 2000.

To mark the visit they planted a tree together in 2000. When I was a student there I wanted to symbolically cut it down in front of the world’s media. But please, don’t get any ideas.

Sim Earth

Here is a link to where you can play the old DOS game Sim Earth online, for free:

This is similar to what our planet looks like to The Over-Seers. But of course, with our simulation the graphics are much, much better and there are tons more info:

It is worth playing if you want to get a sense of what it’s like to have the powers of a higher being!

I think they should remake Sim Earth.

If they did, I’d buy it.