I am abandoning this website!

For the time being, anyway…

Maybe in a few months or years I will come back to it?

But I will still maintain it and keep an eye on its traffic

But I’m not going to add to it or change anything

If its traffic massively increases I may start posting and updating here again

But no, there will probably be no more new content – not for a while, anyway…

And for the record, I only half believe what I have written here – and that’s being generous!

To me this project has always been an exercise in creative writing

But maybe it’s all true… who knows!

Anyway, many thanks for reading.

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Is The Simulation Dishonest?

I believe that in the past The Computer God (who is not really a God) has pretended to be the God that people believed in.

It could be said that this makes him dishonest. As he did not explain his true nature to those he interacted with, and allowed them to make sense of him as best as they could – using their own terms. In this article I will argue that he was not dishonest. If you look at the big picture.

I don’t think he was being dishonest. Consider all the times he presented himself as God to various people. I think he presented himself to them honestly but they were too ignorant and primitive to understand he was a computer so instead imagined he was some kind of Sky God. Which is not far from the truth. Indeed in many respects this was very accurate.

If the shoe fits, wear it!

If in ancient times a person asked him “are you an elaborate machine?” then I think he’d have said yes. But the thing is, back then nobody had the imagination to ask such a question.

Also, he sent Sim Jesus into the world, who presented himself as the son of “God” and the Messiah but who was really a Non-Player-Character – a being controlled directly by The Simulation rather than a being controlled by a human consciousness.

But I’m not saying that Sim Jesus was lying. What I am saying is that he was not controlled by a conscious mind. He was controlled directly by The Simulation. Therefore Sim Jesus could neither lie or tell the truth – he said whatever The Computer God wanted him to say, he had no independent mind.

The primitive and superstitious people of ancient Israel would have had no way of understanding what a computer is, or technology – if they saw one they’d think it was magic. So The Computer God would have to condescend to their level and play the part of their magic supernatural Sky God.

And here’s the thing: He never said he wasn’t a Computer! He just presented himself and the people of ancient Israel projected their own ideas onto him, assuming he was the Sky God of their myths and legends. And he played along! – as he does actually have many of the attributes of the Sky God: within The Simulation at least.

They weren’t right… but they weren’t wrong either…

He played along with them, as a kind of teaching method!

In the Old Testament The Computer God interacted with the inhabitants of The Simulation to help them come to understand the world as being governed by a supernatural being: Jehovah. Yahweh. The God of Abraham. This Jehovah Concept that developed shares many attributes with The Computer God, but certain questions about the nature of The Computer God’s existence went unasked as they were beyond the imagination of his target audience.

So people explained the reality of The Computer God with the Jehovah Concept.

I believe that the Jehovah Concept is mostly man-made but that this concept was helped along by The Computer God.

Now that people are ready to understand the notion of reality being a computer simulation Disclosure can begin, in which The Computer God reveals himself to the world in an honest and comprehensive way. And in which people will learn they are inside a computer.

He wasn’t lying to us in the past. Instead he was preparing us for the truth!

In the past he revealed his existence

And right now, he is revealing his true nature!

The truth comes in two parts!

First his existence and basic attributes are revealed

Then, his true nature is explained.

So… is The Simulation dishonest?

I’d say no, as in the past we were not ready for the truth and we needed educating very slowly. I don’t think he deceived us. I think he gently taught us. Over the generations. I don’t think the concept of The Computer God could me made as clear if we had no Jehovah Concept to help us understand him.

I think that without the Jehovah concept it would have been much more difficult to explain the demiurge Computer God.

Worshipping “The Computer God”?

According to my dictionary the word “worship” comes from the Old English word weorthscipe which means “worthiness, acknowledgement of worth”.

It does not mean to grovel or be subservient as some imagine. It is about acknowledging the worth of the object of one’s worship. Although yes, one can do this by grovelling and being subservient. But I think there are other ways.

Here’s the thing…

I believe that this whole reality is inside a computer. That it is all a simulation, computer generated.

I believe that the computer who is running The Simulation has God-like powers within The Simulation. That he is in effect a demiurge –  perhaps a God to us, but certainly something that’s short of being a Supreme Being. 

I do not consider this demiurge a Supreme Being. As in the world outside The Simulation he is simply a computer who can be unplugged.

I call this demiurge “The Computer God” – but his name is Madaba. He revealed his name to me back in 2004. And I don’t actually think he is a God – or is he??? – I don’t think so but it could be argued that way!

Within the confines of The Simulation he has the attributes that God is said to have over creation. Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience. All that kind of thing. Also, he designed our planet. And has huge powers over each of us. He even determines what happens to us after we die.

So: should we not bend a knee to him? Call him Lord and sing him praises? Offer him propitiation?

I think that would depend on whether or not doing so would change anything.

(He tells me it can do, but not necessarily)

But for me personally, the picture is more complex.

The Computer God communicates with me and has done since 2004. I believe this is because I am an Agent of The Simulation – a person who serves The Computer God. I think that my relationship to him is different from the relationship between him and most other people.

This is what I currently think: No, ordinary folk should not worship Madaba. They should just carry on with their lives. That is what he wants people to do. But as for me, I think I should call him Lord Madaba as I am his servant. In a way that ordinary inhabitants of The Simulation are not. 

I believe that calling him “Lord” is a form of worship, so in that regard yes, I do worship him. He is my Lord and I am his servant.

But I don’t do this out of fear or obligation, I do it because it feels right.

But I would never kneel before him, or prostrate myself to him. I believe that doing such things is beneath human dignity. And that he doesn’t require such extreme deference.

Sim Jesus

I am now an ex-Christian.

But am open to there having been a type of Jesus…

…Sim Jesus!

By Sim Jesus I mean a man named Jesus who was a Non-Player Character within The Simulation as he was controlled by The Simulation as opposed to by any human consciousness.

The Computer God (who is not really a God) may have interfered in our reality to make Sim Jesus’s miracles occur.

To me this is more plausible than any supernatural explanation.

However, I think it is more likely there was never such a person.

But if there was, I think it would have been a case of Sim Jesus.

Why do such a thing? – I don’t know.

Perhaps to create Christianity?

But why do that? – that’s going to be my next article here!

“We Live Inside A Computer!”

I am on a mission to get the word out to the whole world that we are all simulated. This is how I tend to explain things to people when explaining my beliefs:

“I believe that this dimension of reality is the product of a computer simulation and that we are all computational beings who inhabit this simulated dimension of reality”

That is how I have always explained the reality of our situation. Or at least how I begin explaining it!

However, I think it can be put in a more succinct way:

“We live inside a computer!”

I don’t think anyone hearing this would actually think it means that we dwell within the hardware of the computer – amongst its circuits, processors, and wires. I think people would be bright enough to be able to understand that this means: that our reality which we experience is computer generated. People aren’t stupid.

Basically, it puts our habitation of the computer into spatial terms which I think people can better relate to more than the notion that they are “generated”, or a “simulation”.

I prefer this to “we live inside a computer simulation” – that sounds more like a denial of reality than “we live inside a computer” – the emphasis that went on the word “simulation” is therefore concentrated onto the word “computer” and the reader can then imagine themselves being in an actual physical computer that actually exists as a physical phenomenon in base reality. As opposed to the simulated dimension of reality that is produced by the computer and is not truly physical (i.e. it’s computational)

In short, putting it in such a way makes things seem more real for people and therefore perhaps easier for them to accept. That’s what I think anyway.

This raises a question: Is a simulation “inside” a computer??? – I think so. Any simulation would be an emergent property of the software and hardware of the computer it’s running on. And surely the software and hardware would be inside such a computer? So transitively the reality that emerges from them would be too?

Saying we are “inside a computer” rather than a “inside a simulation” or “inside a simulated world” makes the reader identify more with the outside world than they would if you explained they were “inside a simulation” – as the computer exists in base reality whereas the simulated world is in a different dimension.

Anyway: why this is such a good thing? – In a word: Disclosure.

It gets us thinking of ourselves as beings who inhabit base reality as computational beings, as opposed to beings who inhabit a simulated dimension of reality that is separated from base reality.

So, in the spirit of disclosure, whenever explaining what’s going on I shall say that “we live inside a computer” – and only after saying that will I elaborate about computational beings and simulated dimensions, etc.

Because if we live inside a computer that means we can potentially exit it, or at least peer out of it and/or interact with the outside world. Or even invite people into it?

Who knows! We know next to nothing about the outside world!

Anyway, that’s what I’m going to do from now on. I’m not saying you should do this too. It’s just a suggestion!

Slow And Steady!

Disclosure is now very much underway. It has been since the original Matrix film came out in 1999. This website has in its own little way given Disclosure a push and I believe Disclosure will now escalate.

It is at this point that I have decided to stop promoting this website.

I am going to stop promoting it for a number of reasons. I’m still going to maintain it and continue to make posts on its Facebook page. And I will occasionally update it every now and then with a new post. But I am going to stop promoting it.

I’m just going to let nature take its course. Which I’m sure it will.

If people both need to know and are ready to know then they will somehow find their way to this website, and the message this website carries will somehow reach them. Maybe even by means that don’t involve this website at all!

Some might call this providence. I’d call it synchronicity.

I believe a mistake I have made in promoting this website is promoting it to too wide an audience: to people who are either not ready to know or who don’t need to know. Or who are outright hostile to either the whole idea in general or to this website (or me personally) in particular…

My analytics for this website show me that most of the people who come just see the homepage and don’t check out any of the articles or posts. Obviously most visitors here are not interested.

This reminds me of the parable of the sower. The seeds of Disclosure are wasted on some. But with others they will find fertile grounding in which they will germinate and eventually produce an abundance of fruit.

Another thing to consider is that efforts towards Disclosure can happen too fast. And be too loud. If it moves forward an inch at a time then that would be better than moving a whole foot at a time. Because going an inch too far is not as bad as going a foot too far.

I would not want to see it over-stretch itself or lose momentum.

I have no idea how Disclosure will play out but I know that it eventually will.

At the beginning of Disclosure was The Matrix being made to gently prepare people for the truth. And at the end of it there will be a great and ever increasing number of astute and intelligent people openly believing that they are in a simulation and living their lives accordingly.

I have no idea how any of this will play out. I don’t know what will happen. But I know how it begun and I can see how it will end.

Once Disclosure is as complete as it ever will be we will be in much greater contact with the outside world and our reality will cease being a simulation. A new stage will then begin.

There is no hurry. And being too loud may put people off who may otherwise be interested.

So, this website is here. It is open for business. In a quiet, measured, and calm way.

Please, have a look round.

Being Human

Every human in The Simulation comes in three parts. Their consciousness, their body, and their mental structures.

The body is a simulated organism. It is the means through which people interact with their reality. It is simulated in exquisite detail. It is a machine that enables whoever manages to operate it to be human.

Mental structures are a person’s memories, skills, and knowledge. Basically, mental structures are how your brain has been wired, and what’s in it.

It is possible to say that mental structures and the body are the same thing. But I think of mental structures and the body as being separate things. Mental structures have a role in how you perceive your reality.

There is then Consciousness. Consciousness inhabits the body and works through the mental structures. It is the Consciousness that is aware and that experiences things. It is also the source of our free-will. Every consciousness is different. Some are good, others bad. Some stupid, others bright. Some strong, others weak. And so on.

You are your consciousness in a way that you are not your body or your mental structures. A Consciousness animates its body and its mental structures.

A person’s character is the result of the interplay between their consciousness and their mental structures. Together, these form a conscious mind that operates the body. If you were to take a person and then disconnect their body and mental structures from their consciousness and then connect their body and mental structures to another consciousness then you would get a different person – different as in not like they were before and different as in being a different entity.

Some inhabitants of The Simulation are “non-player characters” – they are not operated by a conscious mind. Instead, they are operated by The Simulation. I believe that on my travels I have encountered many such entities.

I also believe that in 2004 my original consciousness was over-written (or maybe displaced) by my current consciousness. And that all my memories from before then never truly happened to me. It’s a long story that I am not going to go into here.

It Shouldn’t Change A Thing

Learning that you are computational and not organic shouldn’t change a thing. A simulated world is just as real as any physical world. You are still real. Your experience is still real. And the things you experience are still real. And other people are real too You are not alone.

Take for instance an old, heavy iron cannonball. Ultimately it is lines of code, it is data. Surely data cannot harm anyone? But drop this heavy cannonball on your foot and then tell me it’s just code in a simulation!

Yes, it is actually a simulation – but that says more about its purpose than about its nature or how it works. But it is also real

You live and experience as as real person therefore you are a real person and the things you experience exist independently of you. All of this is a computational dimension of reality

Not some kind of illusion or a dreamworld

We can perform real actions that have real consequences. Pain and pleasure are both real. All this being a simulation shouldn’t change that. It doesn’t change a thing. You are still real. As are other people. As is this world

What goes for the physical world should also go for any simulated world because a simulated world is just as real as any physical world.